Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Xsplit Free Alternative

So today I wanted to start live streaming games... So after a lot of googling (and by a lot I really mean a little) I found this piece of software called Xsplit Live Broadcaster. So I'm like : well let's give it a try !
And the thing is that thing is just a great program, well done, well designed, almost perfect.
And when I say almost perfect I mean that it will not be free anymore ! And don't get me wrong they did a really great job they deserve a monetary recognition but their pricing is just crap...

There it is in a nutshell for you :
You pay 39$ for a 2 years licence... I'm like "The fuck is that shit !"

So in fact you pay for a software that you don't own. Xsplit is basically a pay per month MMORPG and that is plainly unacceptable.

But don't worry dear readers poets, nymphs and mostly gamers :p 'cause I've got the free remedy for you !


Prepare yourselves to be amazed by what a stupid fucking cheap bastard can achieve in a full day.
First of all go download SplitCam it's a FREE software so don't worry just google it and take it. Too lazy here you go a big fat link :

Install the thing. I think you know what you're doing there.

Finish ? No ? I don't care let's continue now let's download the other piece of software we are going to need : the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, yeah that's the name !

Again install the thingy on your computer.

Then the fun part begins !

Launch the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder and if it's not launched with it SplitCam.
At this point don't touch anything or you will break something for sure.

And download the xml file by clicking the button Config at the bottom of the page.

When it's done rename it by a convenient name like your channel name, judas.xml for example.

Then click the Show key button :
A wild series of letters and numbers will appears well just copy that and paste it here :
Click Connect and the program should fill the rest.

You're almost done now we are going to use the xml file you downloaded some times ago.
Open it with Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder like this :
One it's done you need to select your video capture device like this :
Done ? Now just go to SplitCam and do that :
Then click the big green Start button on Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder and go watch the result on your live stream channel.

Hope that helps !


  1. Good solution, but .. how to get rid of the black border at the top and bottom of teh screen in splitcam :( without cropping it in media encoder (I stream it to wirecast because desktop presenter sucks).

    1. Could you show me an example ? Like a screenshot or better a video ?

    2. Oh, I was about to take screenshots when I tried Splitcam in combination with wirecast again. And it seems to stick to the correct aspect ratio now .. so no black border. Weird, maybe the PC needed a restart or maybe it is because I installed the xvid codec (shouldn't matter though).

      Thanks anyhow ^^'

    3. I know that SplitCam issued new version, and they solved most of their bugs. I downloaded it at official site, i have no problems with it.

  2. Is there any way to get the mouse to show up?

    1. didn't find one sorry it's a free alternative so you can't ask the same quality as Xsplit or Wirecaster

  3. I recommend using FFsplit, you can download their free software at . There is also a youtube tutorial on how to install, takes less than 5 minutes to begin streaming.

    1. Looks like a good piece of software I'll try it thanks for sharing :)

  4. can i save my video recording to mu computer or must i have to live stream?

  5. Im experimenting with FFsplit now.

    Anyways, i'm very glad for this article, anything what oposes that god-damn xsplit subscription ripoff, is a good thing!

  6. Yo, I'm experiencing problems. I hit connect and the primary FMS URL is not valid or something.

    How do I fix this?

  7. i recommend using xfire its free, the broadcast option allow to stream on xfire and if you link it to it will broadcast from ingame to Twitch. It show the viewers ingames your webcam and so on you customize the interface from the menu scrolllock+X inside game and it easy to setup.